Set catuse maini si picioare, Erotica Fetish Art, Piele Neagra

Fetish Art
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Set catuse de maini si catuse pentru picioare, Erotica Fetish Art, Piele Neagra ecologica, catarame metalice. marime universala reglabila. Prindere puternica si fixa, nu lasa posibilitatea de scapare. catuse utilizabile pentru jocuri de dominare, stapana sclav.

Chain Arms by Fetish Art limit the mobility of your lower and upper limbs, anchoring the wrists to the will of the partner and also blocking the mobility of the legs. The sleeves are soft and resistant at the same time, they fasten securely to both wrists, and to both ankles, and are adjustable by comfortable buckles. Two durable cuffs wrap around each wrist with durable straps and fully adjustable steel locking rings, allowing for customization every time. Spring carabiners or chains can also be used to connect the components to each other and to create very daring games of domination.

Fetish Art

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