Prezervative My Size PRO 57mm XXL, 3 bucati

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Prezervative My Size PRO 57mm XXL, 3 bucati sunt mult mai mari in diametru decat cele normale. Pentru exemplificare prezervativele normale au in diametru 52-54mm si o lungime de 180mm iar prezervativele My Size XXL au diametru 57mm (pentru un penis cu diametrul de Ø 4 cm) si o lungime de 180mm. Recomandate barbatilor dotati cu penisul normal sau mai gros si mai lung. MATERIAL Cutie cu 3 bucati, fabricate in Germania.

More feeling for better sex - and safe!
The first tailored condom for a safe and comfortable safer sex feeling! Waferthin, transparent condoms, width 57 mm, length 180 mm (standard size 52 x 180 mm). Recommended penis circumference : 11,5-11.9 cm, recommended penis Ø 4 cm. With lubricant-coating and reservoir.


Every man is unique. Your measures too. There are no averages.

A condom that fits perfectly to all men regardless of its size, made to measure, offering the perfect individual fit, with superior quality, that was our modest goal when we started back in 2008. MY. SIZE has reinvented a safer and more sensual sex life, beyond the borders of Europe. We offer for individual use a male genital cover, made to allow a feeling of well-being and security.

With MY. SIZE all complaints about condom use are being eliminated due to lack of sensitivity and become pure pleasure and ultrasensitivity.

Personal contraception, but consensual, integrated into unhindered safety and sensitive pleasure: a sexual solution for people.

MY. SIZE adapts to all needs in MY. SIZE PRO

  • Units: 3 units 
  • Diameter: 57 mm 


  • MY. SIZE PRO is the only brand in the world that offers a wide range of widths for its users: 45 – 47 - 49 -53 - 57 - 60 - 64 - 69 - 72


  • Product low in allergens due to the use of pure VYTEX: latex containing 90% less latex proteins than the usual latex, resulting in a product that is almost completely allergenic, free of proteins and contaminants.


  • Substantial reduction of the usual smell of the condom, thanks to the use of high purity VYTEXLatex.


  • With a wall thickness of only 0.05 - 0.06 mm, MY condoms. SIZE PRO are much thinner and offer an ultrasensitive natural feel.


  • Our custom condoms reduce the applied effort that occurs when putting on the condom, the most common cause of condom breakage.


  • Our MY condoms. SIZE PRO are exempt from any product and do not contain any animal ingredients or materials.


  • The special sealing lamina of our MY condoms. SIZE PRO is very thin, therefore it is very simple to open.


  • Well above the standard, our vegan condoms are manufactured under a certified and sustainable process. All products bear the CE label and apply the EU Medical Device Directive, 93/42/EEC.


  • The labor rights and working conditions of our suppliers are regularly reviewed and permanently comply with the international standards of the OIA, International Labor Organization.


  • The environmental and sustainability measures of the manufacturing process of our products are regularly reviewed and permanently comply with the international standard ISO 14001. It guarantees the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the manufacturing process.


  • By 2021 more than 60% of the energy needed for the manufacturing process of our products will come from regenerative resources. We also follow a rigorous scheme of water recycling and rainwater use.
  • Naturala
  • Non Latex
  • Barbat

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