Catuse, Fetish Fantasy Series, Original Furry Cuffs, negre

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Imobilizeaza-ti iubitul/iubita si exploreaza-ti fanteziile fetis cu aceste fabuloase catuse Furry Cuffs negre. Din metal, captusite cu blana artificiala catifelata si moale, aceste mansete rezistente fac partenerul/partenera confortabil si sa arate sexy. Mecanismul de blocare are un buton de eliberare rapida in cazul in care pierzi cheia, iar designul lor robust asigura ca sunt facute sa se joace la greu. Amandoi veti iubi senzatia senzuala a blanii moale, in timp ce tachineaza si emotioneaza!


  • Safety handcuffs for beginners
  • With 2 keys and a safety lever
  • With removable covers


Safe and furry!
These handcuffs are velvety soft because of their plush covers and are therefore perfect for beginners who are curious about the world of bondage and SM. The safety levers mean the handcuffs can be opened even if the keys can't be found. The soft plush covers make them comfortable to wear and they can be removed for cleaning. Includes 2 keys.

Ø 8.9 cm. Metal with a plush cover. Polyester.

Fetish Fantasy Series

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