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Parfum Feromoni Barbati Andro Vita Man 30ml


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Parfum Feromoni Barbati Andro Vita Man. Acest parfum cu feromoni pentru barbati are concentratie dubla de feromoni pentru eficacitate dubla! Miros deosebit aromat. Sticla 30ml. 
Highly concentrated pheromone perfume (double concentration) spray for man with a beautiful scent. 30 ml spray bottle. 
Hot pheromone perfume for man. It contains scientifically designed and tested pheromones to attract women. Humans respond to odors, so with this scent your chances increase. This natural aphrodisiac is based on the synthesis of pheromones and essential oils to create a scent that attracts Women.Use it anytime and get the attention of the opposite sex.

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