Irigator Aluminiu, AQUAstick

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Irigator vaginal si anal ce se ataseaza la furtunul de la dus. Desurubati capul dusului si insurubati irigatorul in locul lui. Acest irigator are garantie pe viata! Este fabricat in Germania, material: otel-aluminiu, dimensiuni: lungime totala 15cm, (inserabil 13.5 cm). Ø 2 cm.

Furtunul de dus NU este inclus (se ataseaza la furtunul de dus de la baia acasa) 

Aluminium Intimate Douche for perfect vaginal and anal hygiene. Simply screw off existing shower head and screw on the intimate douche attachment. Total length 15 cm, without 1/2 inch screw thread: 13.5 cm. Ø 2 cm. Material: aluminum (stainless).

Connection and preparation:

• The AQUAstick is suitable for shower hoses with ½ inch
• Exchange the shower head for the AQUAstick.
Using the AQUAstick
• Turn up the water slowly and adjust the temperature if
• Regulate the pressure of the water jet carefully, as it can
lead to pain, in extreme cases to injuries, depending on the
water pressure of the water pipe.
• In case of high water pressure we recommend the use
of the enclosed pressure limiter. Nevertheless, you
should turn on the tap carefully to prevent possible
Care and maintenance
• Do not use aggressive substances such as scouring milk
or caustic cleaning agents, as these can attack the surface.
• The intimate shower should only be used after medical consultation; this applies during pregnancy, after
childbirth and after gynaecological surgery.
• The AQUAstick should not be stored permanently
moist, as this can lead to natural oxidation, which is
not covered by the guarantee.
Warranty and service
This device has been manufactured with the utmost care.
That is why we offer a 10-year quality guarantee from the
date of purchase. The guarantee expires in case of improper
handling of the device.



  • tingling intimate hygiene
  • exciting massage stick
  • 100% rust-proof
  • Suitable for any shower hose
  • Made in Germany
  • Number of items: 1
  • Unit Type: Piece


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