Calus de Gura cu Bila cu gauri, Fetish Art

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Calus de Gura cu Bila cu gauri, Erotica Fetish Art. Calus de gura pentru imobilizare cu, curea reglabila din piele ecologica si bila de gura cu gauri pentru respiratie usoara. Bila diametru 4 cm.

Bite sex toy fetish bondage constrictive sex black gag.
A bite is one of the most loved sex toys in the world of fetish and bondage, as it allows you to dominate or be dominated through the constriction of the mouth and the consequent deprivation of speech. It is a fundamental product for all those who want something more from their relationships and who derive a greater excitement from the sexual games of abuse.

What is it for?

Deprive your partner of the word, feel him moan at your feet, eager, waiting for you to give him pleasure! The products of the Fetish Art series by Toyz4Lovers are made to satisfy your most unconfessable desires, to excite you until the spasm and to introduce you, if you have not yet done so, to deeper and spicier sectors of your sexuality.

How to use?

Wear the gag on your face so that the ball matches your mouth and acts as a real bite, adjusting the size of the gag as you like. The holes on the ball make breathing easier.

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