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Mini Tampoane igienice pentru femei Soft Tampons produse in Germania, cutie cu 10 bucati pentru momentele de la ciclu dau posibilitatea in zilele de menstruatie sa mergi la sauna, sa mergi la innot sau orice alt sport..inclusiv sex confortabil. 


Joy Division Soft Tampons. Dry threadless soft tampons for optimal security on critical days. For sauna, sport, swimming, and hygienic intercourse. 10 piece. Made in Germany.

The seamless integration with traditional tampons!
Swimming, sauna, sports and sexual relationships are often put into crisis by the menstrual cycle. So what can you do if you have your period and want equally fun to swim or work out? You can use the Soft-Tampons as seamless integration with traditional tampons or sanitary napkins!
The Soft-Tampons are made with a spongy material and have no cord that comes out.
Perfect for your special moments!
The Soft-Tampons combine comfort with practicality. Thanks to the comfortable grip for removing you can remove the Soft-Tampons with a single finger.
Subjected to strict clinical and dermatological tests, the Soft-Tampons are manufactured with a non-hazardous material for the skin and do not contain harmful substances.
Thanks to their soft and flexible material, the Soft-Tampons are very comfortable to wear.
Security "Wireless" in the critical days!
The Soft-Tampons are designed according to the latest gynecological notions, to be worn in the sauna, while practicing sports, swimming and even for sexual intercourse during the menstrual cycle.
· Perfect elasticity
· Individually wrapped and toilet
Clinically and dermatologically tested
· Ideal in the use of spermicides
· Hygienic and hypoallergenic material
· Ideal for sexual intercourse
· Easy to remove, as described in the instructions for use
· Certified by Oeko-Tex
· Is not a contraceptive
Wash hands thoroughly before inserting or removing the Soft-Tampons.
1. Get the Soft-Tampon out of its package.
2. To facilitate insertion, you'll want to apply some 'gel (such as BIOglide) on dry swab or moistened with a
bit 'of clean water and wring it well to increase the absorption capacity.
3. The easiest way to enter the Soft-Tampon is putting in posizioneaccovacciata or sitting on the toilet.
4. Supports the index finger on either side of the absorbent floors so keep it on each side between the thumb and the middle finger tightening them together.
Thanks to their new shape, reminiscent of a "heart", the Soft-Tampons have a tapered tip. The two wings facing downwards forming a basin at the bottom of which constitutes the bearing surface of the finger that pushes the pad in place during insertion.
Open your lips using your other hand and push the Soft-Tampon with the index and / or middle finger deep into the vagina up to the cervix
How long can I take it:
Replace Soft-Tampon (like any other tampon) at regular intervals. Adapts the duration of use of the pad to the intensity of the menstrual cycle. During the first two days of the cycle may be required more frequent replacement (forexample every 3/5 hour).
In the last days of the cycle the replacement of Soft-Tampons can occur every 5 hours up to a maximum of 8 hours.
However, we recommend a change at least every 4-6 hours.
To reduce the risk of infection we recommend to replace the Soft-Tampon after being in the water (swimming pool, seaside, etc ...) or after unprotected sexual intercourse.
The Soft-Tampons are removed very easily; just pull with the index finger or middle finger grip for removal, positioned at the base of the absorbent. In any way, if the removal does not happen with ease, we recommend you assume a squatting position, in this way, in fact, the depth of the vagina is reduced from 9 - 10 cm to about 4 - 5 cm.
If then exerts a mild pelvic pressure Soft-Tampon moves further forward and is thus easier to remove.
In some cases it may be also useful as a vaginal lavage a wet tampon slides automatically downward and is therefore easier to grasp.
final recommendations
The Soft-Tampons are not contraceptives.
The Soft-Tampons can be used without any risk with condoms and spirals. In the case of a spiral just introduced you should still consult your doctor. If I could not, in fact, to remove an absorbent, it will be essential to consult a doctor.
Do not forget to remove the last Soft-Tampon at the end of menstruation!
For easier use we recommend: BIOglide.

As liquid absorbing Soft-Tampons?
The Soft-Tampons are reliable?
The absorption capacity of the Soft-Tampons, despite having a weight of only 2 grams, is comparable to that of traditional absorbent cotton interior.
The Soft-Tampons seem a bit 'big!
The Soft-Tampons are available in two sizes: the "normal" and the "mini"; However, the soft and flexible material of which they are made allows their adaptation to any form. The traditional absorbent cotton interior increase in volume


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