Masina de Sex, Fantasy For Her, Sex machine, vibrator cu incalzire

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Fantezie pentru ea, Pipedream Personal Sex Machine. Vibrator cu incalzire. Her Personal Sex Machine – Vibrator din Silicon cu incalzire, 21 cm

Dorinta femeii cea mai profunda a fost de a experimenta satisfactia completa ori de cate ori si-a dorit. Apoi a descoperit HER Personal Sex Machine - Devenise propria ei obsesie senzuala!

Este agil, complet pregatit pentru calatorii si forte interioare magice care imping, vibreaza si incalzesc. Da, este destul de sigur sa spunem ca masina sexuala personala plina de funcții, de la Fantasy For Her este o putere orgasmica totala!

Dvs. sau partenerul dvs. va veti bucura de manerul ferm si usor de tinut in timp ce actiunea de impingere, rotire si vibratie a Masinii de Sex Personal incepe... toate functiile sunt controlate pe o interfata usor de accesat pe acelasi maner. Umflat usor si inclinat, mai subtire la varf, penisul din silicon violet cauta cu usurinta punctul G si alte puncte dulci interioare plus orice zone erogene externe (clitorisul si mameloanele imi vin in minte!)

Activati vibratiile sincronizate de impingere si rotire utilizand un singur buton functional simplu si / sau obtineti o caldura continua cu functia de incalzire dintr-un buton. Functia de caldura incalzeste Sex Machine la aproximativ 37 grade in doar cateva momente.

Toate funcțiile sunt reincarcabile prin USB - conectati cablul inclus la un port USB gratuit pentru a porni aparatul sexual sexual.

Din silicon Elite ultra igienic, aparatul HER Personal Sex se igienizeaza usor si temeinic pentru o utilizare intima curata. Spalati bine inainte si dupa utilizare folosind apa calda cu sapun sau un lichid / spuma preferat pentru ingrijirea jucariilor. Asigurati-va ca alegeti un lubrifiant pe baza de apa de buna calitate. Sa nu folositi lubrifianti din silicon, deoarece pot descompune materialul. Nu este recomandat pentru utilizare imersat (scufundat) in apa.
Dimensiuni 21,3 cm x 3,8 cm. Material Silicon Elite (cel mai bun silicon pentru jucarii erotice)
Fantasy For Her, Pipedream Personal Sex Machine.
Her deepest desire was to experience complete, fulfilling satisfaction whenever she wished. Then she discovered HER Personal Sex Machine - It had become her own sensual obsession!

It's agile, completely travel-ready and features magical inner workings that thrust, vibrate AND warm a silky shaft to a sexy fever pitch. Yeah, it's pretty safe to say that the feature-packed Personal Sex Machine from Fantasy For Her is a total orgasmic powerhouse! 

You or your partner will be glad of the firm, easy-grip handle once the Personal Sex Machine's thrusting, gyrating and vibrating action starts up - all functions are controlled on an easy-to-reach interface on that same handle. Gently swollen and subtly angled at the tip, the purple silicone shaft easily seeks the G and other inner sweet spots plus any external erogenous zones (clit and nipples come to mind!).

Activate synchronized thrusting, gyrating vibration using one simple function button and/or get some heat going with the warming feature with a button below. The heat feature warms the Sex Machine to approximately 104 degrees in mere moments.

All functions are USB rechargeable - connect the included cord with a free USB port to power up your Personal Sex Machine.

In ultra hygienic Elite Silicone, HER Personal Sex machine sanitizes easily and thoroughly for good clean fun. Wash well before and after use using warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. Be sure to choose a good quality water-based formula if a lube is in play- please don't be tempted to use silicone lubes as they can break down the material. On that note, it's best to keep this (and any silicone toy) away from other silicone products. Not recommended for use in water. 
Mmmmm, this was the pounding she needed. The powerful gyration, thrusting, and warmth made her wet and tingly. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the most incredible pleasure combination she had ever felt. She raised her hips to meet each thrust and gasped with delight. Her toes tensed as an orgasmic frenzy began to build inside of her. She screamed as an intense climax shook her entire body. She slowly relaxed and allowed HER Personal Sex Machine to to continue its rhythmic thrusting as she cherished her afterglow of satisfaction

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