Cleme stimulare pentru sfarcuri, E-stim Electro Play Nipple Camps

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Cleme stimulare pentru sfarcuri, E-stim Electro Play Nipple Camps

  • Rasfatati-va intr-o sesiune emotionanta cu acest set de cleme pentru mamelon E-stim, sigur si prietenos pentru incepatori .
  • Intensitatile si modurile reglabile va permit sa experimentați o serie de senzatii de stimulare unice.
  • Telecomanda de control permite schimbarea rapida si usoara a modelui de stimulare.
  • Va rugam sa va abtineți de la a folosi jucariile E-stim daca aveti o afectiune cardiaca.
  • Functioneaza cu 1 baterie CR2032


Aceste cleme electro-play vor fi un plus perfect pentru colectia ta de jucarii sexuale! Doua cleme usoare din plastic se simt fantastic pe mameloane sau alte zone sensibile. Experimentati cu diferite zone si intensitati pentru o aventura electrizanta. uimitoare. Aplicați o cantitate mică de lubrifiant pe baza de apa pentru a imbunatati conexiunea electrica cu pielea. Circuitul trebuie să fie inchis, ceea ce inseamna ca ambele cleme ar trebui să fie atasate de piele.


This electro-stimulation set provides all you need for lasting nipple pleasure and so much more besides. The set includes a hand held power unit to control the electric stimulations, with a pair of nipple clamps that connect via a wire. Simply connect the power unit and the nipple clamps together, it will send varying degrees of electric tingles and throbs into your sensitive nerve endings. 

What Makes It Awesome

  • Indulge in a titillating session with this safe and beginner-friendly set of E-stim nipple clamps.
  • Adjustable intensities and modes let you experience a range of sensations.
  • The control pack allows for quick and easy pattern switching.
  • Please refrain from using E-stim toys if you have a heart condition.

A Closer Look

These electro-play clamps will be a perfect addition to your sex toy collection! Two lightweight plastic clamps feel fantastic on the nipples or other sensitive areas. Experiment with different zones and intensities for an amazing electric adventure. Apply a small amount of water-based lube to improve electrical connectivity with your skin. The circuit needs to be closed, meaning that both clamps should be attached to the skin.

How It Works

Functions: Electrical impulses / Escalating

Control pack for easy pattern switching

Powered By: CR2032-1

Special Features: Batteries included

Care and cleaning: Toy cleaner

How It Feels

Material: Plastic

Smooth texture for gliding with less lube

Safety features: Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free

How It Looks

Color: Black

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

Catalog ID: ET0141181

How Big It Is

Length: 1 1/2"

Product Manual


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