Aparat Masaj Erotic Le Wand Petite, Purple

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Aparat de masaj Le Wand Petite, Purple, cu incarcare la USB. Dispune de 10 viteze si 6 moduri de vibratii si un cap flexibil. Alege setarea care-ti place si relaxeaza-te. Actioneaza eficient, reduce tensiunea musculara si oboseala. Actioneaza in centru placerii atunci cand este folosit ca aparat de masaj erotic sau stimulare sexuala. Le Wand Petite, Purple este un aparat de masaj delux care a castigat premiul "Winner Luxury Brand of The Year" Se incarca la USB (baterie performanta). Dimensiuni 25,4cm x 3,8cm. Material silicon fin si PU. Cablu de incarcare inclus. Buton de blocare pentru calatorii. Husa de protectie inclusa.

Massager wand Le Wand Petite, Purple with a flexible neck
6 vibration modes in 10 speeds
Travel lock
With a storage bag and USB cable
For quick massages in between times!
This massage wand is a classic shape and has a flexible neck and round head. This wand's size makes it so special because it is small enough to fit in your bag. This means that you can let it pleasure you with its 6 vibration modes in 10 speeds when you're on the go. The modes and speeds can be adjusted with the three buttons. The massage wand has a travel lock that prevents it from turning on when it's not meant to. It can be recharged with the included USB cable. Includes a storage bag.

Le Wand

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